Cremona Mondomusica

International Exhibition of handcrafted musical instruments.

Cremona is the temple of music and instrument making, and Mondomusica is the ideal seat to find out the "perfect instrument", because only here you can meet the best instruments and accessories makers in the world. Mondomusica gives you also the chance to see, in just 3 days, the most talented international musicians.

Being exhibitors at Mondomusica means being part of the worldwide top of classical music instruments. But especially, it means getting in contact with thousands professional and amateur musicians, music students, distributors, instrument makers and raw materials suppliers.

You are very welcome to visit us in Cremona!
September 23rd-25th, 2022
our stand no. 48

Cremona Mondomusica 2019

An interview with dbStrings about Bobak Violino company.

Cremona Mondomusica 2017

Thanks to dbStrings you can see Bobak Violino stand and instruments exhibited during Cremona Mondomusica 2017.

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