The art of creating sounds

Couple years back we got an idea of making a movie about our workshop and violin-making art.
After spending many hours on filming and having a real good time in the workshop - our computer's hard disk burned down and we lost all data! Recently I have found a back-up dvd but only with early parts of making a violin.
Grzegorz Bobak is making. Maciek Bobak is filming. We hope you will enjoy watching!
Thanks to Magdalena Pluta & Krystian Jaworz we have a lovely and mood making music in the background.

Fragment from Rachmaninov's cello sonata mov. 4

Charming Kinga Bacik performing on a cello crafted by Jan Bobak, Tae Kim - piano.
Video by K. Greene Productions LLC. Film & edit by Kevin Greene.

Mahler Quartet in A minor for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello

Young and talented Laura Clapp performing on a violin crafted by Grzegorz Bobak.

Wieniawski Violin Concerto F♯ Minor

Charming and talented Kornelia Radomska playing on a violin crafted by Grzegorz Bobak. Live performance in New York.

Cremona Musica 2017

Thanks to dbStrings you can see Bobak Violino stand and instruments exhibited during Cremona Musica 2017.

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