Master Instruments

Made by Jan Bobak & Grzegorz Bobak are acknowledged and recognized all over the world. Built with great attention to both structures and details, very consistent in terms of style. They draw attention with perfectly matched material which always bears the characteristics of the highest quality. Violins, violas, cellos signed by these luthiers are dedicated for professional musicians.

What makes a violin a Master violin?

String instrument, a violin...
is build out of 50 elements – each of them more or less affects the sound. The question is what determines the 'sound' and when can we say that it is optimal? To every musician it is to a certain extent a relative, subjective matter, but there is also such a thing as canon - a pattern within which we operate. Sound components are timbre, strength, balance, speed, selectivity - they determine the potential of the instrument. The higher the potential, the greater the chance and the ease of their use, which is essential to perform at the highest level.

At every stage of building an instrument, starting with the choice of material and ending with the set up of the soundpost in the right position, the violin maker can either spoil something or craft it perfectly. Bobak Violino guarantees the aforementioned perfection in its master instruments. This guarantee is supported by the widely understood vision, experience and passion, which is essential in this profession.

Master violin crafted by Grzegorz Bobak, inspired by the work of the great G. B. Guadagnini.

The Inspiration - Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

A man constantly on the move, looking for his own “artistic” self that could define his work and give it meaning. Piacenza, Milan, Cremona, Parma, and Turin were cities in which he lived and worked. He wanted to refer to the works of the old families of Cremona and, at the same time, be different, distinguishable ...did he succeed in that? Nowadays, he aspires (and rightly so) to the group of one of the leading Italian masters, and his style is very distinctive, unique.

Details of the violin

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