Master Instruments

Made by Jan Bobak & Greg Bobak are acknowledged and recognized all over the world. Built with great attention to both structures and details, very consistent in terms of style. They draw attention with perfectly matched material which always bears the characteristics of the highest quality. Violins, violas, cellos signed by these luthiers are dedicated for professional musicians.

Bobak Violino Instruments

It is primarily two excellent violin makers - Jan Szlachtowski & Andrzej Swietlinski who has been working with us for over 25 years. They build instruments according to their own concept, based on proven models, using for this purpose only properly seasoned acoustic wood. Therefore, each instrument has its own individual character and quality sound! Ideal for students and young professionals.

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Signature Instruments

New line of instruments from our workshop including violins - exactly four carefully selected models. This project is a kind of compromise between Bobak Violino Instruments and Master Instruments. Each of the four models retain its original character and directly refers to the old-italian original. The project is aimed primarily for students and musicians who are entering the music scene.

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Instruments' models

We have analysed and testified several selected models in our workshop that, in our opinion, are the best representation of an old Italian masters' artistry and character of their work.

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Offer for Dealers

We invite dealers, music academies and everyone who is interesed in purchase of a major number of instruments on lucrative conditions to cooperate with us. We provide worldwide shipping. Please contact us for more information.