We would like to introduce a new line of our violins inspired by the work of greatest violin makers of the 18th century - Guarneri del Gesu, Antonio Stradivari, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini and Carlo Bergonzi.

Each of the four models retains its original character. They directly refer to the old Italian instrument masters in their overall concept, form as well as in terms of style. We obviously cannot forget the sound, which is a very subjective experience but it needs to be defined at a given specified level.

What makes the Signature violin?


Each violin is fully hand-crafted by a luthier from our workshop under the watchful eye of the master. The most important elements of the construction as well as details and varnish are finished by Grzegorz Bobak who is responsible for the overall look of the instrument. Each instrument is set up by Grzegorz personally what allows him to label this project under personal brand.


These are not exact copies but each model strongly refers to the original. Our violins correspond to the originals in construction, form, measurements and style. These all makes them unique in character and allows to think of an old Italian instrument... Wood used to build violins is properly seasoned and carefully chosen for each particular instrument. It is always top quality material.


Each of four models has its own, original label what determines the instrument and makes it look more friendly and less anonymous. In addition we certify the violin with full description, measurements and pictures.


This project is mainly aimed to young and promising musicians, students, people who start professional career. Passion for music, musicians’ needs often struggle with limitations - this is where we meet you half way...

The Inspiration. Meet the great violin makers of the 18th century.

Pictures below presents examples of Signature violins

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

A man constantly on the move, looking for his own “artistic” self that could define his work and give it meaning. Piacenza, Milan, Cremona, Parma, and Turin were cities in which he lived and worked. He wanted to refer to the works of the old families of Cremona and, at the same time, be different, distinguishable ...did he succeed in that? Nowadays, he aspires (and rightly so) to the group of one of the leading Italian masters, and his style is very distinctive, unique.

Guarneri del Gesù

In the course of his relatively short life, which was wrapped in mystery, he worked with unprecedented passion and determination. Unfortunately, a little over 100 of his instruments have survived to our time. Each one is a different and unique piece, especially the ones from the last period of his life. Through their original style and asymmetry, they appear to be almost organic in form. The enormous strength and power of the sound of his violins is surprising even today.

He owes his nickname to the Jesuit Order, which significantly influenced the art of the whole Europe of that time. Giuseppe Guarneri, hereinafter referred to as del Gesù.

Antonio Stradivari

As a child, he was educated in drawing by an architect. He worked in accordance with the spirit of the Renaissance. He sketched all models, sound holes, and templates for his works based on the principles of geometry, following the study of mathematics, as is evidenced by numerous drawings that were preserved.

He became a legend in his own lifetime and his instruments are characterized by perfect harmony, beauty and elegance. It is possible to describe it all by a single word - Stradivari.

Carlo Bergonzi

Probably one of the mysterious students of Stradivari. Interestingly, experts highlight both the similarities and the striking differences that can be seen in the instruments’ execution techniques with reference to these two distinguished violin makers. Certainly, our attention is drawn to his detail-oriented nature, his flowing line and, above all, the varnish. Today Bergonzi is coming out from under his master’s shadow, what is evidenced by higher and higher prices that one has to pay for his instruments.

Signature Instruments

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